Chemical Technologies ProsChoice

Mr. Townsend (founder of CTI) began his professional carrier as an Electrical Engineer for NCR (National Cash Register) in 1964.  During his career with NCR he worked in the development of the Education Programs for the NCR 395, 399, and Century 100 Computer Systems.

At that time there were no satisfactory methods for removing food dye stains from carpet without damaging the carpet dyes.  There was no satisfactory method of removing Pet Odors that would guarantee permanent removal of the odors.  And there was no satisfactory method for mixing dye so you could re-dye bleached carpet back to its original color.

Mr. Townsend began and conducted the research and development of the products to solve these industry problems.

His first product released was Red Relief.  Red Relief incorporated new novel chemistry for which a patent was issued.  This product revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry by giving carpet cleaners a method to remove food dye stains without damage to the original carpet color.

Because of its ability to remove stains that competitors could not, Mr. Townsend’s company rapidly grew to the largest cleaning contractor in Northern California.

The next problem to be tackled by Mr. Townsend was the issue of Pet Odor.  There was no foolproof method to prevent the continuing emanation of odor from contaminated porous surfaces.  The answer to this problem was embodied in a new product named Odor Barrier.

Odor Barrier eliminated the problem of odor removal from porous materials.  It accomplished this through three mechanisms.  1. Odor Barrier eliminated bacterial growth and the subsequent release of odorous gasses.  2. Odor Barrier neutralized existing odorous substances by odor modification with pairing agents.

3. And most importantly Odor Barrier sealed the porous material being treated to lock any future odor away from the living environment.  Once again Mr. Townsend’s invention had a major impact on the methods used to treat odors in the carpet industry.

The next product developed was “The Color Analyzer”.  This device enabled relatively inexperienced carpet technicians to successfully match dye bleach spots in carpet.  Looking through a viewing window the technician could dial the correct color which would then give a formula to mix the correct dye color.

About this time Mr. Townsend sold his cleaning business and began devoting all his attention to the Carpet Maintenance chemical business.  Since he sold the PSS name he began using the name CTI (Chemical Technologies International).  The trademark carried by the CTI products is “Pro’s Choice”.

The next product to be released was Stain Magic.  Where Red Relief had solved the problem with food dyes, Stain Magic solved the stain removal problems associated with organic stains such as urine, coffee, mustard, tea, wine, wood furniture stains, and etc.

Carpets that have been subjected to heavy traffic and/or have not had proper cleaning develop a condition referred to as “Rapid Resoiling”.  Rapid resoiling was the next problem focused on by Mr. Townsend.  The result was a product that once again is revolutionary in the industry.  It eliminated rapid resoiling by converting built up sticky soil into a non-sticky crystal that when vacuumed removes the cause of the problem.

At the current time CTI has over 120 professional cleaning supply stores that stock and promote the sale of Pro’s Choice products.  The CTI Pro’s Choice product line includes over 60 products that address all phases of carpet cleaning and restoration.