Benefect Botanical

Benefect® is a world recognized leader in next-generation botanical antimicrobial technology. Using nature as the model, we have succeeded in creating cleaning products with no compromise in strength and without endangering human health.

The world’s need for sensible disinfection products was starkly realized when our first son, Conor, was born with only 10% of his immune system functioning.

My wife & I searched for products to make our home safer for him, without using dangerous chemicals. Unfortunately, we came up with no viable options since, at that time, the only way to kill disease- spreading organisms was with poisonous, synthetic chemicals that could not be safely touched, inhaled or exposed to food surfaces. So we asked my Mother, an aromachologist, if she could formulate an alternative that could kill germs but not be a poison itself.

We sent the initial formula to a lab for testing & were astounded when the results came back.  At this point, we knew we were onto something so we founded Sensible Life Products and after 3 years of testing, learning, re-formulating & re-testing, we received the first government drug approval for Benefect, the first & only Botanical Disinfectant in North America.  It is just as effective at killing bacteria as traditional disinfectants but is less toxic than vinegar!

The reception of Benefect was so overwhelming; we could not have imagined the attention it would receive. Over the years, Benefect has received widespread recognition and awards for proving that disinfectants don’t need to be poisonous to be effective. The explosive growth and substantial industry attention clearly show that Benefect is changing the way the world controls germs. From large-scale contamination site remediation to the home & child care centers the ramifications are staggering for these products.

Certainly, Conor is very glad we created the Benefect line of products to give him a clean and healthy home to grow up in. Benefect products now offer the same sensible alternative to people worldwide.

S. Samuel DeAth  /  Founder & CEO  /  Sensible Life Products